Mar 10 2015

Adoption Day

Hello everyone. My name is CeeVee, and I am the newly appointed “Clinic Cat” at Corsicana Veterinary Clinic. I recently got adopted from the Corsicana Animal Shelter, and I have found a forever home here at the clinic. It is great here! I have full run of the entire building, and there are people coming in all day long that pet me. They even gave me this blog so I could share my story with everyone. Things haven’t always been so good for me though. I spent a few days at the shelter after my owners surrendered me, and that wasn’t fun at all. It was kind of stressful at the shelter, and since my owner gave me up, I was worried people would think something was wrong with me and not adopt me. Then one day, Dr. Barham and McKenzie came down to the shelter, and I turned on my charm! They saw something in me and decided I was the one. It was so exciting! When they got me back to the clinic, they examined me and did some tests to make sure I didn’t have any parasites. My fecal test came back positive for Roundworms so they gave me some medicine to take care of them. I can’t say that I loved the medicine, but I did appreciate them treating me for the Roundworm infection. Since then, things have been pretty good here at the clinic. I am the official greeter, and I think I am pretty good at my job. I hope to write again soon and let everyone know how things are going.

Thanks for following, CeeVee

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