Mar 10 2015

Where’s CeeVee??

Today I decided that I would play hide-and-seek with Hilda and McKenzie. I had so much fun. They ran all over the clinic searching high and low for me. It was very entertaining to watch them look for me and call my name over and over. After about an hour or two they found me, relaxing in the food room on a few cans of Hill’s food. But the fun wasn’t over….

Then I ran off before they could follow me and hid again! This time they weren’t as worried about me because they knew I was playing so they didn’t run around looking for me. I slept on the surgery towels rack for a few hours before they woke me up cleaning the clinic. The vacuum wakes me up everyday which can sometimes be annoying, but I know we have to keep the clinic clean for all the people and animals that visit us each day. Anyway, that is what I have done today. I sure do have a lot of fun keeping everyone on their toes here at the clinic! 🙂

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